A large natural boar bristle radial brush, to help reduce frizz and shine.


evo bruce 38 natural boar bristle radial brush has a 38mm diameter barrel, with natural boar bristles that stimulate the scalp, reduce frizz and add shine. evo bruce 38 has a pik on the handle for easy sectioning. this is the largest brush in the bruce line.


best for straightening and smoothing hair, or to add volume and bounce to all hair types, especially: short, thick, wavy/curly hair. if you want smooth and shiny hair this is the brush for you.


the evo hair brush range provides professional quality brushes and combs for all hair types, styles and lengths. strong, lightweight, handfinished.


created from forest stewardship council certified hardwood, delivering a classic, luxurious aesthetic. the cushion pads are made from natural rubber for high durability and heat resistance. static is controlled, the hair is polished and heat damage minimised.

ceramic-coated barrels absorb heat uniformly, aiding drying time and styling. the ionic nylon pins generate negative ions to leave the hair smooth and manageable.

EVO Bruce | Natural Boar Bristle Brush 28mm

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