We understand that each occasion is unique and that is why we are pleased to tailor our Makeup to suit your needs whether it's your wedding day, formals or a night out.

We believe you are beautiful as you are and as such focus on enhancing your natural features in a way that leaves you looking flawless but still 100% yourself.

Express Makeup

Professional Makeup



$40 - $65

$80 - $100

$130 - $150

$100 - $120

$100 - $147


Your eyebrows are a vital part of your personality, they don’t only frame your face, but over 70% of your facial expressions depend on them!  And that’s why the right brow shape and colour can take years off you.

Eyebrow Design

Eyebrow Design + Tint

Eyebrow Tint





Long, luscious lashes are, without a doubt, the name of the game!

Eyelashes Extensions 

  • Full Set

  • Infill 2 weeks

  • Removal

Eyelashes Lift






A manicure and pedicure are equivalent to care for your hands and feet. Each session will leave you with nicely polished with flattering colours. This boosts self-confidence and makes a mani-pedi worth it each time.

Signature Manicure

Signature Pedicure

Signature Mani & Pedi

Shellac Manicure

Shellac Pedicure

Shellac Removal

Shellac Mani + Sign Pedi

Manicure for Men

Pedicure for Men